Newspaper Industry Circulation Continues Decline

The Audit Bureau of Circulation has released figures for the last six months through September showing the newspapers industry’s circulation has continued to decline after many publishers raised subcription and newstand prices to offset declines in advertising income.

Newspaper Circulation Drops

Newspaper Circulation Drops

Daily average circulation for 379 newspapers fell 11 percent to 30.4 million compared with a year earlier.

Falling circulations combined with Newspaper Association of America data showing Industry wide ad sales plunging 29 percent in the first six months of the year spells more bad news for the newspaper industry.

Of the top 25 largest circulated newspapers, only the Wall Street Journal experienced an increase of 0.6% while the Dallas Morning News, The San Francisco Chronicle and Newark Star-Ledger each experienced circulation drops in excess of 20%.

Top 25 Newspapers' Average Circulation

Top 25 Newspapers' Average Circulation

Based on these numbers and this apparently irreversable trend, I would have to agree with Ted Turner’s assessment of print as summed up on Bloomberg TV last Friday: “Print is obsolete.”


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