A Digital Embassy Strategy

Steve Rubel SVP, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital shared his thoughts about the future of public relations at the recent 140 Characters Conference in New York.

Some of Rubel’s interesting takeaways (paraphrased)

The future of PR – instead of companies talking through the media to reach consumers, individuals will be talking to individuals about companies.

According to Nielsen – the average American visits 111 domains a month and views 2,500 web pages.

Public Relations is in the Attention Business

People need to hear something 3 to 5 times from multiple sources before they trust it.

No social network  has had staying power of more than five years. They all go through boom and bust cycles. Twitter is peaking or may have already peaked.

Rubel summarizes his recommendations by suggesting businesses adopt a Digital Embassy strategy – a communications strategy that employs a digital native to advocate on behalf of the company wherever the social network may be located.


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