Google Adwords Recommendations By Email

Today I receieved the first email from Google Adwords I can recall receiving suggesting keywords not already within my Adwords account I should consider using.

The email’s subject line captured my attention:

Google AdWords: Ten powerful new keywords for your campaigns

Upon opening the email, I found the following message along with Google Adwords top ten keyword recommendations for my website

Google Adwords Recommendations

Google Adwords Recommendations

I wasn’t surprised with any of their keyword suggestions as much as I was with their having sent their search based keyword tool recommendations to me.

According to Adwords:

These are just the top 10 keywords. The Search-based Keyword Tool actually found 712 recently-searched keywords related to your site.

For each suggested keyword, the tool will also show you:

The average number of searches per month
The competitive bidding level for each term
The estimated bid to appear in the top three ad positions
The suggested landing page for each keyword

As suggested at the conclusion of their email, I logged into my Adwords account and ran the Search Based Keyword Tool to retrieve the “712 recently-searched keywords” related to my site.

However, the search-based keyword tool produced 73 keywords for not 712.

Google Search Based Keyword Tool

Google Search Based Keyword Tool

Regardless, the search-based keyword list the tool provided for my site was relevant and specific to my business.

The recommended keyword list can be saved as a draft to an Adwords account or exported in a spreadsheet.

The tool’s most valuable feature is its matching of the new found keywords with their corresponding web page url.

For site’s with hundreds or thousands of pages, this feature can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to successfully program Adwords campaigns.


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