2D Barcode Generator and Mobile eCommerce

Via Media Vox: Skycore, a mobile messaging service debuted mDAR (Mobile Delivery, Authentication and Redemption) at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium this week.

About mDar:

mDAR enables clients to build 2D barcodes, which some believe will ultimately wed the web to outdoor/print ads and make e-commerce mobile. When the barcodes are scanned, the information stored in them is decrypted. They can be used in grocery stores to give discounts, on print ads to provide more information on a given campaign, or to send users to a mobile subsite.

How mDar works:

When a barcode is created, it is uploaded to Cellyspace.com, then integrated and delivered to customers’ handsets. When a barcode-reading mobile phone scans the image, data goes back to Skycore servers and the clients, which can track the popularity of their respective codes.

According to Skycore Founder/CEO Rich Eicher “Our mDAR technology is a revolutionary service enabling virtually any business or organization to use mobile barcodes,”  “[It] allows you to create and deploy redeemable tickets and coupons with complementary text and multimedia content and send it cross-carrier to your customers’ mobile handsets. Redeeming 2D barcodes is easier now, too, since users can choose smart phones or other 2D scanning devices.”


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