A/B Testing with Google Website Optimizer

Looking for tips on how to use Google Website Optimizer?

Google’s UK office has launched a site for Google Website Optimizer beginners called “The Beginners Guide to Website Optimiser“.

New Google Optimiser users can use this new online resource to launch their first A/B test.

The Guide Google Optimiser Guide is divided into four parts:

1. Planning your first experiment
2. Identifying what content to test
3. Installation guide
4. Interpreting your report

Developers and advanced users of Google Website Optimizer looking for more details can download The Techie Guide to Website Optimiser.

The 26 page guide covers just most everything about the technical ins and outs of Website Optimiser.

The Techie Guide to Website Optimiser includes:
A detailed explanation of the Website Optimiser experiment scripts
How to implement segmentation in your experiments
How to test with dynamic content
Click here to get your copy of the The Techie Guide to Website Optimiser.


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