Find and Map IHOP Restaurant Locations with Know Where Systems

Looking for the nearest IHOP restaurant to grab some free pancakes?

The International House of Pancakes restaurant chain is offering a free short stack of pancakes to diners today who in turn consider making donations to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Not sure where the nearest IHOP restaurant is located?

IHOP Know Where Systems

IHOP Know Where Systems

The IHOP website has an excellent store location map powered by Know Where Systems.

Free pancake hunters can locate their nearest IHOP by any one of several attributes on the IHOP site: State, Area Code, Area Code + Exchange, City + State, City name, State name or State abbreviation.

Planning a cross country trip on National Pancake Day?

IHOP Trip Planner

IHOP Trip Planner

IHOP in conjunction with Know Where Systems will plot all the pancake stops along a travel route too.

IHOP Locations

IHOP Locations

With IHOP’s store location finder and trip planner, pancake searchers should be able to easily locate their next and nearest stack of pancakes anywhere along their travel route.

Pancake Path

Pancake Path


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