2009 First Annual Letter from Bill Gates

Bill Gates has written his first annual letter regarding his inaugural work at The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In his 20 page letter, Gates writes about what has worked, what hasn’t along with what the foundation and its partners have learned.

In addition to the letter, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation web site also has five slide shows showcasing the content of his first annual letter.

The five slide show titles are: “Three Magical Things”, “Progress in Global Health”, “Agricultural Innovations”, “Opportunities in Education” and “The Economic Crisis”.

Contents of the First Annual Letter from Bill Gates:

2009 Annual Letter From Bill Gates

2009 Annual Letter From Bill Gates

Mr. Gates thoughts about the current Economic Crisis are quite telling:

The financial market and economic conditions that have developed this past year are truly unprecedented. I hope two years from now when I write this letter I can look at this section as a reflection of something that was short-term and that has passed, but I think the effects of the crisis will last beyond that.

I too have my reservations about Gates being able to write about the 2008/2009 Economic Crisis two years from now as being nothing more than a short term economic crisis.


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