Google Blog Gadget 2.0 vs. iGoogle RSS Blog Feeds

Google has come out with their second iteration of their Blog Gadget dubbed Google Blog Gadget 2.0.

Their improved blog gadget is a great way to consolidate and view all Google blog posts in one location.

Google Blog Gadget 2.0

Google Blog Gadget 2.0

For six months or longer I have had my own rudimentary version of a Google Blog feed gadget set up within my iGoogle account.

Instead of having to use a drop box to move from blog category to blog category, I instead grab the Google RSS feeds I have an interest in reading fed into one of my many iGoogle tabs.

In doing so I can view all the Google blog posts at one time and then decide which ones I want to view further without having to click more than once.

It takes some time to set up all the Google blog feeds in iGoogle, but once completed you may find the end result was worth the effort too.

See the full list of Google blogs at the Google Blog Directory.

iGoogle RSS Blog Feeds

iGoogle RSS Blog Feeds


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