Cyber Monday and the 2008 Holiday Shopping Season: 44.2% Plan To Shop Online

Shoppers hit the pavement en masse the day after Thanksgiving ( Black Friday ) but they click their computers en masse the Monday (Cyber Monday: December 1, 2008) after Thanksgiving when they return back to work.

Cyber Monday is considered the day when holiday shopping season clicks into high gear.

The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog has distilled several consumer related factors every retailer should take into consideration during their preparation for this holiday season.

1). “According to the National Retail Federation’s 2008 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, 40% of shoppers say that sales or promotions are the most important factors when determining where to shop for holiday gifts.

2). As the average consumer plans to spend $832.36 this holiday season and 44.2% of those consumers plan to buy items online.

3). As of mid-November, 72% of consumers have completed less than 10% of their shopping, while only 2.2% of shoppers are already finished.

Retailers who have also positioned their best offers online by Cyber Monday increase their odds for reaching and selling to the 44.2% of shoppers who plan to buy items this holiday season.


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