Gmail Rolling Out 30 New Inbox Themes

From the Official Gmail blog:

Gmail is rolling out new inbox themes to everyone over the next few days.

Selecting a new theme for your Gmail Inbox takes three steps.

To customize your Gmail inbox, first go to the Themes tab under Settings.

Gmail Settings Theme Tab

Gmail Settings Theme Tab

Next click on themes to view Gmail’s new custom inbox themes.

30 New Gmail Themes

30 New Gmail Themes

Then click on the Inbox theme you prefer most.

Summer Ocean Gmail Theme

Summer Ocean Gmail Theme

Your Gmail Inbox will then automagically get a new look and feel.

By offering Gmail users theme options like “Summer Ocean”, Google is giving its account holders 30 more reasons to continue using Google’s free email service¬† – Gmail.

Could Google offer brands the ability to customize their email inbox like they have with iGoogle themes?

Will Google one day make it possible for their Gmail user’s personal photos to be uploaded to create personalized Gmail Inbox themes?

Only time will tell.

While Google’s at it – how about a real time clock for a Gmail theme?

Or an iGoogle real time clock theme for that matter?

Oh well, time to go.


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