Cell Phone Monitoring Application

A new cell phone application from India’s Maverick Mobile can be programmed to remotely monitor cell phones with it software.

Dubbed Maverick Secure Mobile (MSM) the cell phone security application can also help mobile phone owners locate and potentially retrieve their lost or stolen cell phones.

For cell phone monitoring, Maverick Secure Media offers a feature called Spy Call. Spy Call lets cell phone owners program their cell phone for remote cell phone call monitoring.

Maverick Mobile’s Spy Call :

If the owner calls from the reporting device to the stolen device, its a “Spy Call.” Spy call switches on the loudspeaker & Mic of the stolen device remotely, so the caller can actually listen to the conversation the other person is engaged in. The Spy Call does not give any notification/ ring to the stolen device. The person who receives a Spy Call will not know he is being called by the cell phone owner. Even if he learns about spy call, he cannot disconnect it.

MSM List of features:

Cell Phone Monitoring Application

Cell Phone Monitoring Application

For tracking lost or stolen cell phones:
“In case of loss or theft the application will send the phone number, device id, country code, operator name and area code (location) to the reporting device through SMS.”

I am not sure how the device’s tracking capabilities will lead to its being found and returned unless it uses the phone’s data to triangulate a location through cell phone tower data or GPS.

If the application provides a precise lat/long coordinate, the cell phone owner could simply track it down.

Wouldn’t tracking down and retrieving a stolen cell phone from a thief be an entirely different matter?

In any case with Maverick Secure Mobile software; cell phone owners, jealous lovers and even concerned parents all have a new tool for remotely reaching out and touching their their cell phones and the people who use them.

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