YouTube: Pulitzer Prize Videos?

Most people in the United States if not the developed world have heard of the Pultizer Prize.

The Pulitzer Prize is the highest national honor in newspaper journalism, literary achievements and musical composition.

Pulitzer Prize winning photos have become cultural time stamps.

The The Pulitzer Prize is administered and awarded by Columbia University in 21 categories.

Presently, no Pulitzer Prize honors videography.

Could video be the 22nd category of Pulitzer Prize to be awarded?

Although not called a Pulitzer Prize, YouTube in partnership with the Pulitzer Center, has announced their Project: Report, a journalism contest for non-professional, aspiring journalists to tell stories that might not otherwise be covered by traditional media.

In each of three rounds of competition reporters will be given assignments to complete.

In Round 1: Profile someone in your community, in three minutes or less, highlighting a story you think deserves to be heard by a wide audience.

Videos have to be submitted by midnight EST Sunday October 5th.

10 semi-finalists will then be chosen by a panel of journalists from the Pulitzer Center.

Round 2 and its 10 semi-finalists will be given their assignment and then judged by the YouTube community to produce 5 finalists.

The 3rd and final round will produce the winner who will be granted a $10,000 journalism fellowship with the Pulitzer Center.

Although not technically called a Pulitzer Prize, isn’t it time a prestigious award like the Pulitzer Prize be awarded to an aspiring journalism student or otherwise deserving videographer?

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