YouTube Clogs Internet?

YouTube was founded 2-15-05.

According to Sergey Brin via Search Engine Watch, 10 hours of new video are going up on YouTube every minute.

YouTube’s bandwidth costs are estimated at approximately $1 million a day.

Forbes reports YouTube’s traffic is 50 petabytes per month.

The amount of original cable, television and radio content created annually totals 100 PB.

The content being uploaded onto YouTube every two months now equals the amount of traditional media content produced every twelve months.

Although still in its infancy, Internet video – according to Jim Cicconi, vice president of legislative affairs for AT&T – will cause the Internet to reach its “physical capacity” by 2010 without further significant infrastructure investment.

Who ever figures out how to monetize free online video distribution first will own the next upcoming incarnation of the internet.



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