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Phishing Scam Causes Twitter To Be Bought by Google?

January 4, 2009

Today I was trying to find a friend’s Twitter account and while searching for their name encountered the following message:

Twitter Search Limits

Twitter Search Limits

Apparently, over the last several days Twitter has become the target of phishers and other nefarious ne’er-do-wells looking to gain Twitter users personal information.

I haven’t received a direct phishing message yet, but I did get spammed by someone using Jason Calacanis’ name to promote some type of MLM list building product.

Twitter is taking action to stop the phishing.

Twitter Status

Twitter Status

Curiously Twitter also started limiting the number of person searches Twitter users can run.

Has Twitter capped person search  in an attempt to thwart Twitter phishing operations?

Why else would they limit their person search feature?

Are Twitter resources stretched too thin?

Does high volume search traffic exceed Twitter’s organizational IP?

If Twitter has capped person search to thwart phishers, Twitter’s patch seems short sighted to me.

Imagine if Google limited the number of queries each searcher could run…

Oops! Sorry you have reached your number of Google searches…. Please try again later!

Twitters’ person search problems however present an equally correlating opportunity.

If I were in M&A at Google I would be looking at Twitter – not Facebook – as an acquisition target… well not Facebook for obvious reasons.. but Twitter because:

1. Twitter has compound annual “Mobile” user traffic growth

2. Twitter presently has search limits (either real of self imposed)

Both areas are mission critical paths Google needs to continue to control to maintain its mind and market share along with its competitive advantage in the emerging mobile internet.

My first and only 2009 Prediction: Google (hopefully) will acquire Twitter.


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