Top Gaining Site Categories By Percentage March 2010

From comScore:

Automaker discounts and incentives compelled millions of Americans to visit auto manufacturer sites to seek information and investigate possible purchases. Political news and information sites also saw sizeable gains in traffic as Americans tuned into the debate over passage of the congressional healthcare bill.

“Auto manufacturers relied on incentives and promotions to boost sales before the end of the quarter, sending more Americans to research their purchases online prior to buying,” said Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix. “As automakers compete in this challenging market, it is ever more important for consumers to research all of their options online before making these important purchase decisions. Americans also looked to stay abreast of the monumental healthcare bill negotiations in March by closely following political news and information online.”

Automakers Drive the Deals Home

Auto Manufacturers ranked as the top-gaining site category in March, growing 23 percent to more than 30 million visitors, as potential buyers researched vehicle options online. General Motors led the category with 7.6 million visitors, up 32 percent during the month. Hyundai Motors, Inc. grabbed the #2 position with 5.4 million visitors, representing a 222-percent surge since February. Toyota attracted 5.1 million visitors, followed closely by Ford Motor Company with 5.0 million (up 3 percent). grew 71 percent to 4.4 million visitors, while Honda attracted 3.6 million visitors.

Americans Debate Healthcare Reform Online

Political sites grew 18 percent in March to 20.5 million visitors as Americans sought the latest news and analysis on the political landscape, including the hotly debated healthcare reform bill. attracted 5.3 million unique visitors, while The Economist Group grew 35 percent to 2.7 million visitors and grew 10 percent to 1.8 million visitors. The number of visitors to more than doubled during the month, growing 133 percent to 1.5 million visitors.

Online Trading Sites Flourish as Stock Market Recovers

As the stock market continued to rebound in March so did traffic to Online Trading sites, which grew 13 percent to 11.5 million unique visitors. Fidelity Investments ranked as the #1 investment site, rising 10 percent to 3.5 million visitors. Scottrade Sites ranked second with 1.6 million visitors (up 7 percent), followed by with 1.5 million visitors (up 20 percent), and ETrade Financial Network with 1.3 million visitors (up 25 percent).

Top Gaining Site Categories

Top Gaining Site Categories

If double digit gains in visits to industry sector websites are an indicator of future economic activity, it looks like the American consumer is once again showing signs of life.


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